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Whistleblower report

Cobham Aircraft

Cobham Aviation Services utilises independent third-party whistleblowing reporting service Your Call.

Your Call receives anonymous disclosures 24/7 about wrongdoing and inappropriate workplace behaviour. This service enables everyone to contribute to the integrity and transparency of our business.

You can raise awareness either by notifying a leader in the business with whom you feel comfortable, or via Your Call where you have the option to remain anonymous. Your Call will bring your information or concerns to our prompt attention, while keeping your identity anonymous if requested.

To raise a report using the Your Call service, quote organisation ID “CAVSA” via either:


Hotline: 1300 790 228 (available 8:30am – 11:30 pm (ACST), recognised business days

We are committed to encouraging, protecting and supporting responsible reporting of wrongdoing and inappropriate workplace behaviour. If you become aware of such behaviour happening within Cobham, please report it.