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Team AUStringer

A training solution for the Royal Australian Air Force

Mission Aircrew

Team AUStringer to pursue RAAF Aviation Mission Training System

Cobham Aviation Services has joined forces with CAE Australia and Nova Systems to create Team AUStringer, to respond to the Project AIR 5428 Phase 3 – Air Mission Training System and develop a training solution for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Team AUStringer will combine best-in-class training, leading-edge training technology and proven operational expertise to present a proposal to the Commonwealth for a sovereign, transformative and enduring mission training system.

The Aviation Mission Training System (AMTS) will be utilised to train the RAAF’s mission aviators, including electronic warfare officers, maritime patrol and response officers, air battle managers, air traffic controllers and other mission specialists. The AMTS, to be deployed at the Air Academy located at RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria, will feature a comprehensive training solution, including ground-based and airborne training and a digitally-enabled integrated learning environment.

Cobham, as the largest employer of mission aircrew outside the Australian Defence Force, is well positioned to provide deep airborne operational capability and mission expertise as part of Team AUStringer.

John Boag, CEO

Team AUStringer’s AMTS will transform the way the RAAF trains its mission aviators. The integrated and comprehensive training solution will provide the knowledge, skills, ground-based training and live airborne training necessary to develop proficiency to operate in a fifth-generation mission environment. Graduates will proceed to operational conversion training at RAAF frontline units for assignments on a variety of aircraft types, including the P-8A maritime patrol aircraft, E/A-18 Growler electronic warfare aircraft, E-7A Wedgetail airborne early warning and control aircraft and others. The AMTS will also deliver all the instruction necessary for air traffic controllers and operations officers to develop the fundamental aviation knowledge required to support RAAF missions.

The moniker “Team AUStringer” draws its name from Austringer, a word of French origin related to falconry and training birds of prey to hunt. Since the Aviation Mission Training System will be responsible for training RAAF mission aviators on tasks such as command and control, submarine hunting, and electronic warfare, the companies believe the name “Team AUStringer” offered an appropriate connection.