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Airborne surveillance

We provide airborne surveillance operations for Australia’s national security, border protection, law enforcement, and environmental protection.

Borderforce Ship and Aircraft

Cobham provides fixed wing border surveillance services under contract with the Australian Border Force. The World’s largest outsourced civil maritime surveillance operation, we patrol Australia’s 8.2 million square kilometre Exclusive Economic Zone.

“Australia’s national objective for civil maritime security is to detect, deter, respond to and prevent illegal activity from occurring in Australia’s maritime jurisdiction. It is a complex and dynamic environment where aerial surveillance services are critical and required to be flexible.”

Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs

This turnkey operation deploys a fleet of highly-modified surveillance aircraft flying 15,000 hours and 2,500 missions per year, providing all weather, day and night coverage. These aircraft are fitted with new generation surveillance sensors and fully integrated advanced satellite systems to allow real time communication with the Australian Border Force command centre in Canberra. The modification and integration of the fleet was undertaken in-house by Cobham in Australia.

Blue border depicts exclusive economic zone (EEZ)

Blue dots depict Airborne surveillance crew bases