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Embraer E190 arrival with crew

Cobham welcomes Embraer E190

PERTH, Australia - Cobham Aviation Services, Australia’s third largest commercial aviation group, has taken delivery of an Embraer E190, the latest jetliner to join the company’s expanding fleet.

The aircraft, under the command of Cobham’s Head of Training and Check, Wayne Ovens and Captain Rob Carratello, touched down in Perth this afternoon after a delivery flight from Nashville, Tennessee.

The aircraft’s arrival means the twin-engine E190 joins the Cobham group’s family of jets, all of which are customised to meet our client’s needs, with each offering between 76 and 99 seats.

The E190 also provides a new level of passenger comfort with more space, a wider aisle and a 2 x 2 configuration in the main cabin which guarantees either an aisle or window seat.

“This aircraft is a high performance platform which provides our customers with greater reliability and a significantly enhanced passenger experience,” said Ryan Both, the Chief Executive Officer of Cobham Aviation Services.

The aircraft offers substantially better operational uplift performance, particularly in hot weather at regional ports in the Pilbara, as well as being able to fly further distances compared to similar size aircraft. This reduces the need for additional fuel uplift in regional and remote locations and also cuts CO2 emissions by up to 15 per cent per trip.

From next Monday (May 20) the 98-seat E190 regional jet will be deployed between Perth and Barrow Island ferrying oil and gas workers in and out of Chevron Australia’s operations and projects in Western Australia.

The Embraer will also operate return flights each week to the Goldfields area of Western Australia providing fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) services to the resources sector in that region.

Cobham Aviation Services continues to identify growth opportunities and the additional aircraft which will be required to meet its future fleet requirements.

In the coming months it will take delivery of a new Bombardier Q400 to further bolster its FIFO capabilities.

Pictured above: Captain Wayne Ovens, Captain Rob Carratello, Captain John Krepp and Engineer, Luke Pedder, in front of the Embraer E190 which arrived in Perth on 17th May 2019.