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Cobham SM Falcon

Cobham Operational Readiness Training Keeps Defence Strong

United Kingdom: Cobham Special Mission are supporting two training programs for NATO forces during their biannual exercise across the United Kingdom. This is the 30th year Cobham has delivered this vital training for Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff.

Exercise Joint Warrior trains sailors, airmen and soldiers from NATO forces across Denmark, Netherlands, USA and the UK Royal Navy in a complex multi-threat environment. Utilising four forward deployed Dassault 20 Falcon aircraft to simulate hostile electronic warfare and missile carrying aircraft in order to test warfighting capabilities in all domains.

Exercise Griffin Strike tests the working partnership between the UK and France known as the Anglo-French Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF). The maritime, land and air forces practice rapid deployment for a wide range of bilateral operations and, if called upon, work together as part of a NATO, EU or UN coalition operation. In this scenario Cobham acts as aggressors to test the ships teams responses to electronic attack, conventional and anti-ship missile threats in a congested air environment.

Complementing this training during Exercise Joint Warrior is the company’s DA42 Diamond Twinstar aircraft. This aircraft provides training for ships staff on reactiveness to the approach of a low slow flyer and asymmetric threat.

Cobham has been providing electronic attack and realistic threat simulation to exercise complex air and ship-borne radars and electronic warfare systems to the defence sector since 1985.