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Cobham introduces electronic flight bags, reduces carbon footprint

Cobham has introduced electronic flight bags (EFBs) for cabin crew on all passenger flights, enhancing safety reporting, improving workforce mobility, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with printed manuals.

The EFB is an electronic storage and display system (in Cobham’s case, an iPad), designed to help flight crews perform their flight management tasks more easily and efficiently. EFBs allow for faster, easier access to safety reporting and safety critical information, they enable crew to complete routine tasks remotely when needed, and they reduce printing.

A traditional paper-based flight bag typically contains an estimated 12,000 sheets of paper per person, weighing in at up to 18 kg. An EFB is a fraction of the weight. The reduction in printing associated with the introduction of EFBs reflects another small but positive step on Cobham’s sustainability journey.